Anachronous: Multi-Kit

Anachronous: Multi-Kit

+ Analog Lab V Bank, One-Shots, Textures, Royalty-Free Samples
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  • Compatible with all DAWS (16/44.1)
  • HQ Sounds

Take a look into the Anachronous Legacy. I started this series with a sample pack, and over time I added more and more into the kit finally turning it into a multi-kit.

This pack includes the Anachronous Analog Lab V Bank, 30 Royalty-Free Samples, Textures, and One-Shots! This kit is a sample maker's treasure chest, filled with loads of sauce for you to make crazy music. 

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become a wizard when making samples

The presets combined with the one-shots and textures can be turned into some crazy samples, major placements were achieved with these sounds. So, send me what you make on IG: @macshooter49

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the ultimate multi-kit

This is only Vol. 1 of this legendary series. Anachronous will have different sauce everytime a new pack releases, more presets, more one-shots, more samples. Many producers favorite this kit more than all of my other ones, find out why.


All samples in this kit ARE Royalty-Free. Meaning, all sales from sites such as BeatStars, Airbit, Traktrain, etc. can be sold, and you keep 100% of the profit.

One trick I use to make analog banks show up is running FL Studio in administration mode. For windows, type "FL Studio: in the bottom left of your search bar, right click FL Studio and it should give you an option to "Run In Administration Mode". Reminder: only do this step after you imported the banks and they don't show up!

1. Make sure loop points are off

2. Make sure time stretch is set to 0 if you are using fl studio

3. Mode should be auto and/or stretch depending on one-shot [sometimes having the one-shot on stretch mode creates a better sound try it!]

4. Go to "Miscellaneous Functions" on the selected one-shot and click "Cut Self"

5. On the envelope/instrument settings make sure you 0 out the following [rel, sus, dec, att, delay]
and set "hold" to 100%

6. After these adjustments you can play around with the attack, sustain, and/or release knobs to get a cleaner sound

7. Always make sure the one shot is in key - most if not all one-shots should already be pitched to "C", however if they are not
they will be labeled and/or you must use a third-party website to check key like, keyfinder, and/or auto key


Mac has some of the best kits out right now, we always keep coming back to them!


Your drumkit is hard and the samples are crazy 🔥

Earl On The Beat

The vlogs and videos are hella inspiring, lock me in

Nick Mira

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