Waves Crate: Multi Kit Vol. 2

Waves Crate: Multi Kit Vol. 2

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  • FREE Prophet, Korg, and Portal presets!
  • Placement-Ready Samples (16/44.1)
  • Compatible with all DAWS (16/44.1)
  • HQ Sounds

Earlier this year in January, I launched the first volume of the Waves Crate series. Everyone LOVED it. You'll like second volume even more. 

Waves Crate Vol. 2 comes with custom-made presets for Prophet V, Korg MS-25, and Portal. To top that, it also comes with placement-ready samples all in WAV quality format. 

The Waves Crate series will always be free kits for everyone and anyone who needs it! It's an honor to have you apart of the journey. 

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Evovling Your sound...

Sometimes you don't have to spend money to upgrade your craft, That's why I put this series together.

Legendary synth presets

The Prophet V and Korg MS-20 are both in the Synth Hall Of Fame. These presets are made for hits. What can you cook up?

Get it free!


Macshooter has some of the best kits out right now, we always keep coming back to them!


Your drumkit is hard and the samples are crazy 🔥

Earl On The Beat

The vlogs and videos are hella inspiring, lock me in

Nick Mira

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