Essentials: Macshooter Midi Stash V1

Essentials: Macshooter Midi Stash V1

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  • 260+ Drag & Drop Midis (Royalty-free)
  • Compatible With All DAWS

I spent a few months planning, preparing, and building this MIDI kit. This pack offers you 260+ Royalty-free MIDIS. 9 bars worth of melody & drum patterns for each one. 

The melody section gives you 150 MIDIS total.

- 50 FULL melody patterns

- 50 COUNTER-MELODY patterns

- 50 BASS melody patterns

The drum section gives you 125 MIDIS total.

- 50 HI-HAT patterns

- 25 808 patterns

- 25 OPEN-HAT patterns

- 25 SNARE patterns (rolls, counter-snare, etc.)

Explore the music elements you can cook with this pack. Simply drag & drop the midis to speed up your production, enjoy the cookup!


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"I feel like MIDIS are too slept on, you can work with so much when you have a MIDI. Delete, add, move, stretch, it gets too easy at that point" - Macshooter

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