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Analog Tools: Effect Preset Kit & One Shots
Analog Tools: Effect Preset Kit & One Shots
  • Analogue Tools is your one stop shop for everything you need to create timeless dark melodies. Whether you’re producing music, creating sound effects, or designing audio-visual presentations!

  • 20 custom-made EffectRack presets, 20 FL Studio mixer chains, and 10 RC-20 presets – all ready to use. You also can't miss the 50 one shots, accents, runs, and phrases, that you can use in your production. 

  • Its intuitive interface will have you quickly conjuring up brilliantly sounding tunes in no time. Forget boring digital effects and embrace Analogue Tools for the surreal dark sounds at your fingertips.

Custom effects to jog your creativity!

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What can you cook up with these sounds?

- Get creative by crafting dreamscapes of ethereal noise with the incredible collection of Analogue Tools.

- Find your sound and scale up to the next level, Analog Tools can be used anywhere, anytime, by anyone.

- 50 one shots with accents, phrases, runs, atmosphere, etc. You can't lose with Analog Tools