Essentials: Mac Drum Recollection

Essentials: Mac Drum Recollection

The Mac Drum Recollection comes with 9 FULL DRUM KITS. These are all Macshooter's drumkits with hundreds of fresh sounds for you to use in your production.

Many days and weeks of work, mixing, and sound design were put into this drumkit, curated for you to level up your sound!

No doubt, the Drum Recollection will take you where you want to be when mastering your drum bounce.

(Drum Toolkit Vol. 1 not included) 

Regular price $60.00 Sale price$30.00
  • Compatible with all DAWS (16/44.1)
  • HQ Sounds

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hundreds of hard drums

All of your drum kits in one pack. Explore the years worth of sound design, scale your production with these hard hitting drums!

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Mac has some of the best kits out right now, we always keep coming back to them!


The drum kits are hard and the samples are crazy 🔥

Earl On The Beat

The vlogs and videos are hella inspiring, lock me in

Nick Mira

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