Essentials: Drumkit Vol. 2

Essentials: Drumkit Vol. 2

+ Over 150 Drum Sounds, 808 & Hi Hat Midis, FL Studio Mixer Presets
Regular price$10.00
  • Compatible with all DAWS (16/44.1)
  • HQ Sounds

This classic drumkit is still fire to this day! You're probably thinking the older drumkits decrease in quality but that's not the case at all. The Essentials series makes sure to provide the producer with all it's needs. Drums, Midis, Mixer Presets, etc. 

Essentials Vol. 2 comes with 150+ experimental sounds, 808 + Hi Hat Midis, and FL Studio Mixer Presets, (Master, Hi Hats, Vocals, Open Hat, etc.)


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The drums that changed the game

the classics

Old gems are stored in this kit. In my opinion, this drumkit is the most underrated in my collection

Buy Now!


Mac has some of the best kits out right now, we always keep coming back to them!


Your drumkit is hard and the samples are crazy 🔥

Earl On The Beat

The vlogs and videos are hella inspiring, lock me in

Nick Mira

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