• 100+ Analog Lab V Presets  (BONUS: UTOPIA Inspiration)

  • Collection Of Royalty-Free Synth & Instrument Building Blocks 

  • 70+ Augmented Portal & Thermal Presets By Output

Limited Edition


“A kit crafted only for those looking to upgrade, innovate, and create. I don't suggest buying unless you use this kit to it's full potential. Otherwise it'll just be a waste of storage, use wisely”.

Macshooter / Founder



Impossible To Find Elsewhere

When we make kits, it will always be carefully crafted. Have fun finding ANY recycled presets in here. We came to innovate.

Multi-Key Presets

We brought in skilled sound designers to create a new preset type. They are "Multi-Key" presets. Every new note you play, a different sound also plays.

Vast Library Of Sounds

Analog Tools 2 provides you with over 100 presets to use in your melody making. Every preset is usable and there are many experimental modernistic presets in the style of Travis Scott's "UTOPIA" album.

Authentic Analog Sound

Save tons of money before buying a synth. Test out our presets and we'll change your mind on cashing out. Easily create dope tracks on a budget.

  • Instant Download

    We mean instant

  • Royalty-Free

    Just like everything on the site

  • Online Payment

    Secure System

  • Online Support

    24/7 Free Support

It gets even better...

70+ Portal & thermal presets 

Rare collection of synthesizer & live instrument phrases

Using these sounds all year!

1 day after cooking up with Analog Tools 2

“Mac always comes with the craziest presets. instant inspiration and super unique out of this world sounds”.

KXVI / Platinum & Grammy Nominated

This is why we work with him.

ProducerGrind members after using Analog Tools 2

“This dude man, the craziest innovation comes from Mac. The producer wouldn't be the same without these sound packs”.

ProducerGrind / The Beacon For Music Producers


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Analog Tools 2: Analog Lab V Bank & Multi-Kit
  • 100+ Analog Lab Presets

  • Instrument Accents & Phrases

  • Portal & Thermal Presets

  • FL Studio Mixer Chains Bonus

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Analog Tools: Effect Preset Kit & One Shots
  • Effect Preset Pack (FL Studio, EffectRack, RC-20)

  • Analog One Shots & Phrases Bonus

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Artillery: Analog Lab Bank Bundle
  • 150+ Presets For Analog Lab V

  • Save More By Buying The Bundle

  • Presets Used By Grammy Winning, Billboard #1, & Multi-Diamond Producers 


Frequently asked questions

Are these sounds royalty-free, like everything?

These sounds and files are completely royalty-free for the use of any beat sale, major placement, etc. We want to provide you guys with sounds, no strings attached.

What version of Analog Lab V do I need?

We suggest using the latest version. Most of these presets were made on (5.6.3+). 

Does this work on any DAW?

Yes, it does! All you need to do is have Analog Lab V Installed (latest version if possible). However, in order to use the "FL Studio Mixer Chains" You need to be on the DAW of FL Studio. 

How do I import the bank?

Open up your Analog Lab and click the three lines at the top left of the plug-in. You will see a list where one option says "Import". Click on that and it will direct you to your files. After that, find where you downloaded Analog Tools 2 and find the "Analog Lab Bank" subfolder. There will be a file that you will be able to select. 

What is your return policy?

We offer no returns. These are digital products which means once you download once, you'll most likely have it forever. If you have any questions or concerns please email or @wavescrate on Instagram.