Welcome to soundsource

Macshooter returns with the second volume of Soundsource. Filled with your producing needs, this kit contains hundreds of files such as vintage synth one shots, hard hitting drums, and crazy experimental effect chains (FL Studio). 

By copping this, you will learn how to:

- Create Insane Melodies

- Build Unique Drum Patterns

- Master Your Sound Design using the effect chains


There is no end to the Soundsource series. buy yours today!


  • Vintage Synths & Live Instrumentation

  • Custom Multi-Effect Chains 

  • Drag & Drop Hard Hitting Drums

Drag & drop


all daws

(FX Chains FL Only)

Building Soundsource...

In all my years of sound design and making kits. There hasn't been a series as prominent as Soundsource. In August, I dropped the first edition of the creative kit. At first this was an experimental idea, 90% of the time I publish my sound kits at full price. But I wanted to make this series a little different. A $5 multi-kit every producer can get their hands on. 

Staying Focused...

I wanted to perfect the sound. I didn't want this to be similar to any of my other kits. "The Soundsource series are unique crafts and sounds forged together for the music producer" - My first take on the Soundsource idea.

the creative world is yours...

You don't have to wait to make the melodies you desire. Soundsource is open and available to all producers of every level. Take your creative expansion to deep depths and discover your true skill with Soundsource.