Artillery Analog Lab V Bank

Artillery Analog Lab V Bank

60 Crazy Presets + 11 Bonus Samples!
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  • Compatible with all DAWS (16/44.1)
  • HQ Sounds

Eza and I came together and created 60 HARD presets for your Analog Lab V. Add this bank to your collection and start making some of the hardest samples. 

A Tip I can give when using these sounds:

EFFECTS: All of these sounds are hard out of the box. In order to really spice them up though you need to add some effects. My crazy sound ideas come from the effects themselves. Portal, Thermal, Waves Bundle, etc. Using these these effects will make these presets 10x harder.

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This kit also comes with 11 bonus samples to use for your beats!

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One trick I use to make analog banks show up is running FL Studio in administration mode. For windows, type "FL Studio: in the bottom left of your search bar, right click FL Studio and it should give you an option to "Run In Administration Mode". Reminder: only do this step after you imported the banks and they don't show up!


Mac has some of the best kits out right now, we always keep coming back to them!


Your drumkit is hard and the samples are crazy 🔥

Earl On The Beat

The vlogs and videos are hella inspiring, lock me in

Nick Mira